WhoopStor v3 is great for 1s planes


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I’ve started flying a tiny whoop and I bought a Vifly Whoopstor V3 charger. It charges 6 1s batteries independently. It also does storage charging, something that you can’t normally do with 1s batteries.

Anyways, it works really nicely for the whoop batteries so I decided to use it on all my 1s planes, including my EZ pack planes. I changed out the connectors on all my planes and batteries to BT2.0, since the charger doesn’t support the old style connector. BT2.0 seems to work better too. Now I can charge all my 1s plane batteries on the same charger, it’s fast, I can storage charge, and I can power this charger off a 2200mah 3s xt60 all day long. It’s pretty sweet.


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