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Battery help


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I have 2x 3200mAh 3S batteries that I bought as a pair. One behaves perfectly. The other reports that cell #1 is 4.19 or 4.20 volts immediately upon attempting to charge it (the other 2 cells charge normally). Immediately upon discharging (like running the storage program) cell #1 immediately reports 3.79 volts. Is there anything I can do with it? It's brand new :(

One other thing, I have a Hitec X2 charger that works perfectly on all the other batts I have.


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Out of curiosity, what brand of battery were they?
They are HOOVO brand. Here's the link to exactly what I had


I grabbed these because I had a gift certificate that was expiring. I actually flew the one that was charging correctly, but I was barely able to get it in and out of my FT Corsair. I'm building the FT Spitfire, so I had high hopes that they would power it nicely. Now I'm not so sure what to get.

Just a side note, my very first lipo battery, a Tattu 1800 3S was dead as a doorknob when I got it. So far, I haven't had very good luck with the batteries.


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That is just the sort of battery you want to avoid. I never buy Lipo off amazon, use a decent hobby retailer that specialises in this stuff instead. Cheap packs can burn your house down as well as be junk performing n flight.
Not worth the risk.
I have not had a failed Lipo from Tattu, that’s unusual. I only buy from Hobbyking, Unmmaned UAV Tech and Hobby UK tho.


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I have not had a failed Lipo from Tattu
The guy at AMain.com said he's seen it with every brand, and every price in the spectrum. He said my Tattu 1800 3S must have had a broken connection because Lipo's don't discharge down to zero or below 3V per cell without a very bad reaction.

What is a "brand name" battery? The reason I bought the Hoovo batts was because I couldn't find anyone saying anything bad about them.


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Batteries like GNB, Tattu, GensAce, Turnigy and Opti power that are widely stocked in reputable hobby stores where they monitor return rates and don‘t stock junk.
Premium batteries are not necessarily required for reliable flying, but a correctly rated pack backed by decent quality cells will always fly better and longer than cheap junk. I can’t comment on Amain stocks as I don’t use them.


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I have some of the "Zeee" brand batteries from Amazon. They perform very well. A friend has used "HRB" batteries also from Amazon for a while and he likes them. I recently bought one and it performs very nicely. A few times I've ran it till my ESC cut out and also charged it fairly fast when it was warm and it's never puffed even the slightest bit. I'm not saying all Amazon batteries are good, but the ones I own have treated me well so far. Look at reviews before you buy! I have Tattu, Turnigy, and GNB packs as well and they are very good.