Battery selection help


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I'm currently finishing up on my Greatplanes Pluma 3d biplane. I followed the manufactures indoor recommendations which go as follow:

3 Futaba S3114 Micro HT Servo
Motor - Rimfire 28-22-1380
Prop - 8" x 3.8" slo flyer
Battery - Power Series 11.1v 340 mAh 20c.
ESC - Silver Series 8 amp Brushless

The question that I have is that I currently own two power series 11.1v 600 mAh 25c batteries that are unused. Although they're slightly larger than the recommendation, would this damage any of my electronics? I understand I'm sacrificing performance for a longer flight, but currently run on a budget and would prefer not to purchase more batteries!!

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You would definitely be sacrificing the 3d performance but none of the electronics would be damaged. Have fun;)!


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As long as the motor and ESC are rated for at least the voltage of the battery that you plan on using.. the airframe, wing loading and CG or more affected by the weight or capacity (mAh) of the battery. Typically the manufacturer or designer have factored battery weight in the design of the aircraft so it's always best to find something close to what was specified. If you use a battery considerably larger or smaller than what was specified, you might have a problem obtaining correct CG and more than likely the plane won't fly well.


Just my 2 cents worth, as long as you don't go over the rated voltage, you won't hurt it. Now in the MaH department it is important that you have enough for the system and ( I know I'll get blasted here. ) a higher MaH will not hurt the system as the motor, ESC etc.. will only pull as much MaH as they need. The problem with higher MaH is it adds weight but you can fly longer or run more "features".