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Battery selection

I am currently running a 6s system in a 550 size helicopter. The batteries that i have been using are 2x Hitronex 3s 4100 mAh 11.1V 3s1p 50c. I seem to keep cooking these batteries, i try to land at about 70% discharge, let them cool and charge again. however after only a few flights one of the two packs gets hot and expands at this point i am binning the battery and replacing with new. I am now at that point again of needing to replace the batteries and thought that a change of battery is the way to go. I noticed that flight Test use Turnigy batteries. I have been looking at the Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 3S 35~70C Lipo Pack, These seem to be the about the same price as the other batteries that i have been using but what are they like? are they reliable? Flight Test: Why do you use them? Any in put would be great thanks.


Elemental Madness
Yikes! Nano-techs are (in my experience) crap. They are horribly over-rated in the C rating and I have never had a battery puff except two nano-techs in a Bixler (a glider that draws like 0 Cs). The Turnigy lipos are very reliable and I bet they will work for you. Also I would looks to get a higher C rating if you are cooking batteries..
thank you Carbon for your input. i was told that they puff due to a cell becoming hotter than the rest, this can be cause by ambient temp as well as current draw. could this be a issue in the bixler? being that the battery is enclosed? i guess that, as you said there is minimal current draw so the battery should get that hot. not sure what to do really.


Elemental Madness
With your Bixler the amp draw is not nearly enough to cause problems. I fly mine with a 20c 2200mah Turnigy batteries (I have 6 and often speed charge to cycle through them) and it never gets hot even in the closed battery bay. Yet for some reason the nanotechs died after only a couple of charges. On a heli I suspect that your batteries are being ruined by amp draw. This may be caused by the motor drawing more than normal. I would check the bearings and make sure there is nothing in the motor like dirt or dust.