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Bebop2 camera swap out?

I have a bebop 2 and i just bought a hawk 5 online. I was wondering of swapping out the 2 cameras? Im not a big tech wiz so I was wondering if anyone would be able to break the specs down of the two and tell me if thats a bad idea or not. I see the bebop 2s camera are pretty darn expensive online. Practically everyone ive seen is over $100 and a rare $80. And then i look at the cameras that are ok racequads and they are a fraction of that. Where is the extra price difference coming from in the specs? And would the bebop2s camera provide a better picture feed through my fatshark HDOs?

I posted this elsewhere perhaps it was in the wrong section. But here it is!


Eternal Student
The camera in the Bebop is full HD, but the video transmitter in the hawk is going to be sending either a NTSC or PAL signal, so you are going to lose all that extra resolution but keep the extra latency that those cameras produce. Latency isn't much of an issue in a relatively slow camera drone, but it will cause problems when you're going fast and trying to hit gaps. FPV cameras like the Arrow in the hawk have extremely low latency and output a PAL or NTSC signal that the VTx is happy with.