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Beginner Series - How to build your own custom Quad Copter


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I really loved the Beginner series for RC planes. I am currently trying to build my own custom Quad and I have so many questions. I would love flight test to do a small series on:

What you can buy?
What goes with what?
Carbon Fiber or Wood or plastic / Pros and cons
Soldering all your wires together properly
What motors and ECUs to buy
Wiring looms or power distribution boards / Pros and cons
Flight controllers? What to buy how to set up
GPS position / where to put your Receiver, cameras
How to get the C of G right
Compass calobration?
Setting up FPV on a Quad

Just an idea, I think it would be great to get an insight from the flight test team.



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Most of that info can be found in their videos. Each person has their own parts they like to use
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except the new people, they have no clue. i spent a week of intense digging to learn enough to safely order the parts for my quad. im still iffy on my motor/prop combo. then you also have things like dealing with prop wash and the throttle control when lifting up above the air cushion on the ground. so many finer points they can cover on the subject other then the vague handful covered in there product promotion vids.