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Beginners plans on flitetest

I want to build an rc plane this will be my second plane as my first plane made out of normal thermocol broke while making it it was so weak so now i am looking to build an plane out of five mm depron double side laminated and I have no experience in flying so please help me I would love to build in the swappable series as I am planning to use the same elecs for most of my planes
So please help


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Hi rcrcnitesh, and welcome to the forums!

I trust that you've watched the build video of the plane you want to build, and also some of the other applicable FT videos available to help beginners? There's also a lot of threads on the forum where beginners have received a lot of help for their first builds that will get you quite far. If there's anything you need to know that you cannot find answered here in the forums or the FT videos already, please just ask away - but be specific! There's a lot to take in at the beginning so just hang in there.


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If you stick with flying RC, (and I hope you do) you're gonna learn three valuable lessons:

- cool looking planes are usually the hardest to fly and easiest to destroy.

- cool looking planes are usually the *worst* planes to learn to fly on.

- cool looking planes are seldom the most fun to fly -- it's shocking, but true -- ugly planes are more fun to fly.

The FT flyer isn't much for looks, but for a first scratchbuild it's quick and easy to build, easy to fly, and fun in the air. give it a try, at most you'll be out a few dollars and a couple of evenings time and you'll be *MUCH* less likely having the Take-your-plane-home-in-a-garbage-bag experience for your first scratch build (almost everyone here can attest, it sucks).

Become a better pilot, you'll look better in the air if you ever want to move to something cooler.
The main problem is it looks like a edf which I hate. I am ready to even go with the worlds most ugliest one but not this or anything like this


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If my 13 year old son with no RC under his belt can fly the FT Flyer, he even looped it(by accident), then it's a great place to start. Trust me when I say it looks different in the air. I've had compliments on it. Most were like "that looked so cool in the air, is that all that thing is". Give it a shot. Like Dan said its a great start. I've gotten to the point I'm flying faster profile design jets but I always bring my ft flyer with me to fly. It's just too much fun. I'm gonna build the FT old fogey in the next week or so. That's another fun one to have. Don't go for coolness right now...... Go for "it flys"!!!!!!
You may not like how it looks, but trust the people here giving you advice. If you're learning to fly, you don't want a pretty plane that took you a lot of time to build, because you are going to crash. You want a plane you don't care much about, so you can concentrate on flying it rather than not crashing it.

The Flyer is dead easy to build, maybe 2 hours if you don't have a clue what you're doing. 30 minutes if you do. The basic techniques used in building it will apply to any other planes with this construction method.

It's also dead easy to fly if you get it balanced right. Put it in the air, fly through a few batteries to get used to how the controls work and learn how to read the plane's orientation. In between trips to the field, you can spend time building the plane you want to fly.

When you are comfortable flying and can make the plane go where you want without having to think about it too much, move up to the new plane and toss the Flyer. It was a dollar worth of foam board and a little bit of tape and time, no reason to keep it around if you don't want to.


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Here is a plane that I designed to look cool and be a great first plane. It actually isn't a very good first plane just because of the tendencies of a pusher. Especially such a little light pusher. http://www.flitetest.com/articles/star-wars-x-wing

Here is a bigger, decent looking plane that I designed that is actually a great first plane. Mine was very underpowered but flew great. http://www.flitetest.com/articles/simple-v-tail-version-2

The Simple V-Tail, as I call it, is the better place to start. You have to have Delta mixing for it, but the same goes for the X-Wing. CG is very, very important with the X-Wing and it easily stalls at slow speeds and it's a stall that you cannot recover from. But the X-Wing falls belly first when it stalls, so it doesn't hit the ground very hard. Also, my X-Wing didn't last very long so I didn't fly it that much, but the Simple V-Tail I flew a lot and it is a great plane. But the V-Tail's nose tends to get pushed in from crashes. And props break. Oh how props break.

Hey, they're options.
we were all 13 once mate. so we know what its like :)
my first scratch build was the FT Bloody Wonder, with a 1300mah 3s battery its an absolute missile in the air, but with a 500mah 2s its much slower and easier to handle. personally i also think it looks bad ass.
If you're not in the mood to try an ft flyer (btw you totally should) i understand. maybe give the bloody wonder a go, its not too tricky to build and it flies pretty well. start off with the 500mah 2s, and when you've got the hang of it, put a bigger battery in it and watch it really jump to life (vertical take off anyone lol)

This is the video of my maiden flight with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYw_uZRThtg keep in mind it was my first rc plane i'd ever scratch built, and the first rc plane i'd tried for about 10 years, as i crashed my one when i was younger and gave up on the hobby. (thats why people are suggesting planes like the ft flyer or the nutball)

Have you done much flying on an simulator? if not i strongly recommend you do, trust me, it'll save you a ton of pain.

Long story short, build the bloody wonder and have a bloody wonderful time ;)


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I have made my mind and want to go for a nutball or ft flyer which one of these should i go
For a first plane, the FT Flyer would be a better.

The nutball is nice, but a touch harder to fly. No sense making it any harder than you have to - there's plenty to learn with an easy plane, and the harder plane too early could ruin the good experience.