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Best 3D flying I have ever seen...


I like big leccy planes
I'm amazed he gets his wing tips 20cm off the ground for every roll flip or whatever he does, every time, most of the flyers I see only do that by accident :p

LOL I have to change my pants!

I wonder if he could fly under Chad's trampoline with a smaller plane!
He could do the whole routine under the trampoline ;)


How many letters do we ge
A guy at work sent me that link. Very impressive.

I sent the following video right back:

Gets crazy low @ 3:20!

(PS - Hope its not off topic... I think its keeping the theme of 'best 3D flying!')


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I thought that mostly all the time in the video is crazy low!

Either way you see it I think we´re all pretty sure that this guy can control a CP heli :D:D


How many letters do we ge
Yep, he's a freak of nature who flies with the force!

There's vids out there where he flies an almost stock Blade 400 far better than most pilots with TREXs who say that the B400 is a rubbish beginners heli.

not worthy


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I have flown moves like the guy in the first post and I am just a beginner flyer ;). Problem is my moves were not on purpose and did NOT end well :( .

Never use your plane to herd cattle unless you can fly at least 2 mistakes high!