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Best of 2012


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys,

I´ve been working on my Tricopter and FPV gear a lot in the past time and this the result.

I have to say, that everything expect from the background music was recorderd, or generated by me (even in Intro!) and it took quite a lot of work.
For a student aged 17 with not that much spare time, the project started to strech over quite a long time.
But anyways:
This is video I came up with.
I hope you enjoy it and it would be nice to have some comments on the video editing and the style of videography as well as any further tips you would be able to give.



Rotor Riot!
Awesome music choice :D I had to turn it up :)

A few opinions:

- I really didn't get the point of the hedge shot...
- Very stable, non-shaky stuff.
- The shots of the other pilots were great!
- You could add more footage to finish the song.
- You could try flying some fast proximity, or going 360º around tall objects like the crane.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey colorex,

yeah I just realised that it was a little quit in terms of sound volume.

Well the hedge shot got in into this video quite a lot of times and actually a lot of other scenes I personally wanted to take out but I had to used several as time fillers. Even though the hedge shot was always a little different then the other one I liked it due to the sun light "beaming" from the top left corner. Btw. all scenes with clouds I actually didn´t want to have in this vid.

The whole point of building this Tricopter over the past year was to finally get a more or less vibration free picture, which was pretty damn hard to get. I had done soo many test but it is still not perfect.

I agree. The shots with the two pilots are the greatest shots I have ever made!

The song is about 6 minutes. I´d have loved to finish the song as good as it is but unfortunately I didn´t have enough "exciting" footage.

The crane was right next to my house and I was flying line of sight next to joint of two highly used streets. So definitely too dangerous otherwise I would have done it.
I will try getting some fast proximity shots but problem is, when I fly a little faster, the footage starts getting shaky again but I´ll do my best.

THANKS for the input! This will be the list of things to accomplish for next video :D


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
true dat! :D:D

yeah I´m using MultiWii Mega board and I am kind of lazy to hook it up to my computer. I shall find the time for doing this sooner rather then later :D