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Best place to buy double sided foam tape.

Hello all!

I need some vibration dampening double stick foam tape to mount my KK boards to multi-rotors. So far I've just been using the 3M stuff you get at wal-mart, but the multiple layers I need to build up thickness is a little pricey.

Is there a good place to buy the stuff online? Doesn't have to be as strong as the 3M stuff, just good enough to hold a KK board on, and able to buy in more bulky quantities than the 3M wal mart stuff.

My wife works at Harbor Freight Tools and that foam tape is sold there. Periodically, I'll get it on sale there, but I think the best is at Lowe's. I've found Scotch 1" x 14'7" roll of this at Lowe's for $13. I hope this helps.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I use the 3M tape. I get 6 "Pads" to the inch which makes one of 3 mounting points (6 layers of foam) for my KK2 board. The mounting points are only half the tape width square or about 1/3" by 1/2" rectangle. 1 roll of the WalMart outdoor 3M tape mounts a LOT of boards.