Bix 3 ESC meltdown


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Finally got around to posting this issue. I pulled out the 20 amp ESC that came stock with the Bix 3 and put in a different ESC (out of my Trainstar) because it had voltage telemetry soldered into it and I didn't feel like soldering the Bix 3 ESC. Anyway, I have noticed that the cheap ESC I put in there was getting really hot and the Bix 3 has really poor cooling ability for the battery compartment and the ESC.

SO, as I was in a holding pattern for landing on Saturday my ESC totally fried from overheating and I am lucky it didnt start on fire. THis caused a dead stick uncontrolled crash with some minor damage, already repaired. I have ordered a Turnigy Plush 40 amp ESC with 5 amp BEC as I have had really good results with this ESC on other planes and I dont care about the few grams of extra weight.

My question is, how to get more air flow in the battery/ESC compartment. The nose cone can come off and that would solve the problem, but will that affect the flight characteristics? Maybe I could drill some holes in the nose cone? Anyone else run into this issue? I will be making this an FPV platform as soon as I can get the Bix 3 to be reliable flying line of site. The FPV mount may allow more airflow in there also.


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Whilst I do not have a Bix 3 I have on my older model used cut down plastic teaspoons as a low profile scoop covering entry and exit holes for ventilation.

From my need for ventilation on quite a few models I came to realise the best method of airflow control is to have a definite exhaust point for the airflow so that the airflow travels over the item I want cooled. With most aircraft the air seems to get in through cowls wing saddles and the like but the exit if available is in the fuselage rear or through holes in the engine bulkhead.

By adding an exit vent, (rearward facing spoon based scoop) at the proper place then I give the airflow an exit point where I want it.

As for the amount of airflow required it can be surprisingly low as some designs seem to put the ESC in an oven like space:rolleyes:.

Maybe some else has more model specific advise!

Have fun!


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Heres my fix, 40amp ESC with voltage sensor and temp sensor hooked up Spektrum telemetry.


That thimgs got more wires than a 1985 Cadillac.


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Finally flew the Bix 3 today with repairs. I also drilled a 1/4" hole in the nose cone and canopy for some extra air flow. With the new Plush 40 amp ESC and temp telemetry installed, I never got above 85f with both flights and I put it through it's paces with touch and goes, 75% throttle for 2 minutes and some full throttle mixed in. Got two 25 minute flights with a 2700, 3s battery and probably could have flow longer with some more gliding. SO, I would say overheat problem fixed!