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Bix 3 Issues - Prop Wobble and other questions

Okay, I ordered a Bix 3 from HK (PNF version) and I set everything up tonight to test it out in the garage. Everything seems to be working alright except the prop seems to be wobbling (more specifically the silver end cap that holds the prop to the motor shaft if wobbling). I have a video of the prop in action but it is a .mov and the forum software apparently won't let me add it so if anyone thinks that would help identify the problem let me know and I will send it to you.

However, when I throttle up the plane seems to create propulsion just fine and had no problem rolling across my garage floor. Nothing exploded or flew off but it doesn't seem like it is supposed to work that way.

I have a few more questions regarding the Bix 3

There was foam on the aileron servo horns that covered the servo rod connection to the aileron horn, I cut it off because I thought it was just for packaging and then I realized it might be for protection. Was that a bad thing to do?

The prop came with a silver ring that appeared to fit inside the prop hole (where the motor shaft goes in) so I inserted the ring into the hole, was that the right thing to do? If so, is the silver side supposed to face the nose or the tail of the plane?

Thanks for the help everyone!