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Bixler 2 FPV Setup

Hello everyone, this last months I've been learning a lot, I've done my first tricopter with the anycopter kit then with the bat bone, i've learned to use the kk2 and then the apm 2.6 that I just looooooove.
This is my best picture so far:


So, my new project is to make an fpv plane, I choosed the Bixler 2 because it seems to be the best to start with.

I don't know big things about how the plane work, if there is something special to do with the transmitter, etc... I'm planning to use the apm 2.6 on it for safety reason like the RTL (return to home) that have already saved my bat bone twice. I wanted to know if you have some good tutorials that I can use, something that explain the very basics of how an rc plane work, which way does the plane go if this aileron is up and the other is down, if the rudder is up will the plane go up or down, etc...

I already know how to setup the fpv transmitter/receiver, the apm 2.6 but I'm totally new to all the others stuff.
For the long range I've been thinking of using the OrangeRx Open LRS, did someone already tried it ? How is it ? And do you know any good OSD ? I have the "Immersion RC 5.8Ghz Transmitter" working with a Gopro but I don't know which OSD to use.

I will keep this post updated until I get it up into the air.
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