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Bixler Servo Problem

I just started putting together my Bixler ARF last night, and am having some issues with the rudder and elevator servos. When i plugged the rudder servo into the reciever (im using a 6EXP 6-Channel FM Radio System w/R168DF Receiver) the servo began clicking and popping. While trying to figure out what the problem was, the servo arm stripped out and the servo motor began spinning wildly. Input from the RC radio did nothing to slow the spinning down. I also messed with the settings on the radio with no change. I had the same problem with the elevator servo, but turned it off before it stripped out. The aileron servos work perfect, and the motor spins up as well. Any ideas???


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when you plugged them in, did you reverse the lead? Is brown to brown, red to red, orange to orange? This isn't a problem with Futaba leads but they can be with the supplied JR leads.


Rotor Riot!
If the yellow wire is towards the front/center/label, then it should work. Try putting the suspected servo into another port to see if it continues.
Well i plugged the aileron servos into the rudder channel and they worked fine. Then i plugged the rudder servo into the aileron channel and it freaked out like before, so i must have a couple of bad servos. So, right out of the box, 2 out of 4 servos are junk......
Note that IF you buy the MG90S servo make sure that you buy 2 for both ailerons since an MG servo has more power and is different in allot of ways. If you use one standard servo and one MG servo for your ailerons you cant make good turns with the ailerons!
So buy 2 MG90S servo's or one HXT900.
Well i got one of the two faulty servos working, the other one is toast. Now that im worried about their quality, im thinking of replacing all of them.
Got all the servos working. On the second flight, in slightly windy conditions, the spar broke sending the bixler plummeting to the ground :( I knew that the spar needed upgrading, but i wasnt even doing any hard maneuvers! Just floating in the wind. Has anyone ever replaced the original spar with a piece of aluminum tubing? or even a wood dowl?


Rotor Riot!
A friend of mine currently uses a 9mm fiberglass solid rod. He had to drill up the hole first. It's super heavy, but he can pull high G maneuvers with no problems.

I thought of aluminum tubing as well, but I don't have the need yet.
I saw your post and i've got the same problem rudder and elevator.
But how did you get the servo's out the plane without damanging it to much?
Please reply