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Blade 450 3D Trouble


Junior Member
I have my helicopter trimmed right side up, but when I flip it inverted in a hover it wants to go backwards. Any ideas on why it is doing that? Thanks
More info needed... flybarred, flybarless?
if it is flybarless there should be ZERO TRIM... why? the flybarless unit sees any command given from the remote control in your hands as a control command.... for example you setup fly your heli and add trim, now the flybarless unit sees that trim as a control input rather than a "trim".....

To properly trim the flybarless unit you will have to look at the manual for the ar7200 bx.. assuming it is a ar7200bx. (http://www.bladehelis.com/ProdInfo/Files/SPMAR7200BX-Manual_EN.pdf) and go to menu A in the parameter menus pg. 23. and adjust the trim there...

If your machine is flybarred I would look to ensure the swash is level. If it is level (perpendicular to main shaft) then double check the CG and all the links above the swash. If it is not level then there is your problem.

My guess is still that your heli's CG is still not correct and you are compensating using trim...
put everything on heli including canopy and battery as if you were about to fly it... just want to make sure of which method you are using... use the method in this video at 2:00, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBGd4NVl-VA

anyways try that and let me know


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Thanks, I will check the cg with that technique. (the heli is fly-barred) I will also insure that the swash plate is level. I hope it works:)


Senior Member
It's been a while since I set up a flybarred CP helicopter, but you really need to maker sure everything is level/symmetrical, over the whole range of the pitch curve. There are great videos of how to set up a heli, get a pitch gauge if you don't already have one and go over everything.


Junior Member
The cg is fine, and the swash plate appears level. Thanks for the help though KRAR!

I plan on going to the hobby shop tomorrow maybe they can help. I will pick up a pitch
gauge and make sure everything is setup properly.