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Blender Plane


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In the "Will it Blend" episode Josh and Josh built a special plane just to carry a blender. We got so many questions about the plane itself, we decided to review it. So watch this episode as we dig deeper into the Blender Plane and find out what makes it tick, uh, er... blend.
Just in case you missed the original episode, here's the link...

Flying Environment: Outdoor
Experience Level: Intermediate
Power Type: Battery
Number of Channels: 4
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Aircraft Type: Experimental
Build Type: Scratch

And the dimensions:
View attachment blender biplane.pdf
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for the removable wing . why not use a up scale slot and secure system somewhat like the nutball and funbat . and attach the bottom wing using this and the top wing being fixed to the bottom.
Complete thread necro.

What sort of paints were used on the purple foam board? Curious what sort of paints will and won't attack that foam board.
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