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Bloody Baron nose cam video


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I thought I'd see what it would be like to fly the Baron as an FPV plane. So I taped my SJCAM to the fuselage right in front of the wing. About the simplest video setup you'll ever see, but it worked out pretty well! I thought I'd share it so you guys can see my frozen wasteland. I think frost built up on the lens during the flight, as it started sharp and got blurrier even in the uncompressed 720P video.

The camera sticking up into the airstream threw off my trim, but not too badly. Pulled the nose up more than usual. Only my second BB flight with the rudder installed so forgive some crappy turns as I figure out how much rudder authority it has.

Lessons learned: Looking through the prop isn't all that bad, and holy crap can the BB pull some Gs. Maybe I don't actually want to fly a full aerobatic plane as my first FPV setup, as it's pretty disorienting looking at the result of a 1/2 second Immelmann turn from the cockpit. Too fast! The plane actually feels a lot faster in the video as well.

Also I flared too early and overshot the crest of my sloped runway, lol. Foam slides a long way downhill on snow.



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Fpv flight does feel a lot faster, in fact any fpv feels faster than it really is! I flew fpv today, almost had to walk a little over a quarter mile to retrieve it! I was being dumb and was flying with a house between me and the plane in rather gusty winds, fpv signal was perfect until I got behind the house, then it started going in and out and even went black and white at one point. Once every few seconds the wing would start to bank hard to one side and I had to fight hard to keep it up, not sure if it was the wind or the transmitter losing signal doing that. It was scary and I have no idea how I didn't crash. Have fun fpv'ing (y), it's lots of fun ;)!


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No don't use any of the bloody series for FPV lol, I made my wife almost puke with the headset on, I was flying LoS doing all the usual hoon stuff and she was using the FPV gear, yet she was fine with the ARWing as that is quiet leasurely compared to any of the quick things lol.

You tend to 'tune out' the prop quickly when it's in view by always looking past it, I love taking stuff up when it's snowing, always some lovely views.


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Thanks for watching! This was just a recorded video, I still have a week before my goggles and camera get here. A week to build a more mild-mannered pusher plane. I'm still planning on building the Otter but haven't had time to start the build yet.