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Bloody Baron Spar


Master member
Can someon give me the measurements for where the wing spar goes? After printing out the plans and making templates while cutting out the wing, the slots to line up the wing spar is not on the plans. For some reason it did not print them.



Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
You could always glue it between the back two crease lines to the top of the wing -- pre-fold first to crush the foam, glue the spar on the top, then glue the crease lines to set the curve.

You don't want the first segment to be crazy steep, but after that, the airfoil isn't that critical. just keep both sides roughly the same and she'll fly beautifully.


Master member
Thanks Sponz that is exactly what I needed as my templates will be passed around the club for COMBAT even the old guys such as myself is looking forward to it.