FT Simple Soarer spar reinforcement


I'm gonna be building a SS in the next few weeks, my second FT build after the TT. I would like to replicate what I did with my TT wing and glue a 5mm cf strip along the cut edge of the foam spar, which gave me a stupid strong wing. I know that the SS wing has more dihedral and I was hoping someone else had had the same idea and could give me a template so I could cut the appropriate chevron shape to glue in where the wing halves join together.


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You could remove the dihedral from the center section and slightly increase the dihedral on the outer sections. Carbon in the middle, good packing tape on the joint between the outer and inner sections of wing. Assuming you haven't built it already


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The technique NerdNic used in some of his planes was to get an aluminum strip and saw through it part way to make the dihedral bend. This aluminum strip is then sandwiched with the foam spar to provide reinforcement to the foam. It worked like a champ for one of his designs I built and it's not too heavy.