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Bravo on Podcast #35


Junior Member
I recently downloaded the podcast that Flite Test put up with the Brendan Schulman interview. They covered quite a bit of content regarding the FAA fiasco surrounding the hobby. Brendan was the legal representation for Trappy. Brendan is also an avid enthusiast of the model aircraft hobby. There is something that has really resonated with me while listening to over an hour of the podcast.

With the quad technology advancing at a fast pace, it makes it easier for those new in the hobby to go down to their local hobby store and purchase one ready to fly. I am part of that group, because that is what I did. The part that really stuck out though was maybe I was part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Flying a model aircraft is great fun, but with that comes great responsibility. While I have all the best intentions of just having fun, I definitely need to start looking at my quad in a different manner. I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. While I only fly at relatively low altitude, I need to take some additional things into consideration.

First things first. If I am going to be serious about being a good steward I need to be an AMA Member. Not only to learn the proper way to fly and safety considerations, but also to support group that supports the hobby enthusiast. Secondly, I need to locate an approved AMA club and airfield to fly. Especially since I am a noobie. While I can fly a nano inside means absolutely nothing when that aircraft goes outside. There are many more responsibilities when that quad is outside vs. crashing the nano inside into the coffee table.

I have gone from a Blade Nano to a Blade 180QX. Due to lack of planning and forward thinking, I lost the 180QX in a field that had protected wildflowers and grasses. I may try to retrieve that quad in the fall when it is more conducive to walk the field. It was a $150 lesson learned.

Like a moth to a flame, I have purchase another RTF Quad. I am serious about being a good steward to the hobby. I will become an AMA member and be contacting a local club to begin the process of being allowed to fly at their field under supervision. It can only help me become better at flying and also associate with other enthusiasts in the hobby.

I highly recommend listening to Podcast #35 from Flite Test. It was quite informative.