broken arm flying help


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Just go to the Home Depot and buy some 1/2" poplar you can be back flying in no time.
Oh wait I misread that - you want to fly your plane now. I'm not sure why, but there's nothing stopping you.
Just don't give up on the multirotor...... (c8

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Assuming you have full function of both hands you should be fine as long as you can take off from the ground (or have a friend that can launch you) and you strap your transmitter around your neck or to your belt so you don't have to hang on to it. Rig something up so you can comfortable use the controls without having to hold the weight of the transmitter with your hands. It will probably still need some getting used to the new feel of the sticks, but I don't see why that wouldn't work.


Take off the shoes and fly with the toes son! This is Flitetest, no mamby pamby boys here. You can do it! Roll that beautiful bean footage and lets see some serious flyin'!!! :)


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Like rcspaceflight says, you could rig a simple transmitter tray up to hold your transmitter for you. Or if you want a quick solution you could try just sitting in a chair or on the ground with the TX in your lap. If you want some real fun you can grab a friend and split up the controls like in 3 Pilots 1 Plane.