Bronco pusher maiden



Our last Versa wings ended up in the tree in its second flight. :( So my son and I decided that we probably need something flies slower, so we can improve our skills without losing the plane so fast.

I tried to look around and saw some slow flying pusher plans. But most of those would be hard to scale down without switching to a smaller propeller instead of the slow flyer props. At the end I decided that I am going to cut a simple build bronco style plane by myself. And it turned out well. My son says this was the best plane I have ever made. :)

The wing span is 25inces, AUW only 145g

The maiden flight went very well, except the wind was a lot stronger than we expected before leaving home. But still it was fun. :D

I built the fuselage as a triangle, hoping it can survive the crashes. And it did not make me down. Although the front tip is getting out of shape but it still structurally strong after several crashes. :)