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Brushed to brushless conversion help

I was just given a hangar load of aircraft for free!! A Revell heli that I havn't even look online for, an EDF F-18 and one of these http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXVVX3&P=PU

The cowl is broken as is the tail section. Both available from Tower Hobbies for a reasonable price. The motor and motor mount are both gone so it seems like an ideal time to upgrade to a brushless system. You fine folks got any suggestions as far as size/KV?? Links would be great if you have something specific in mind.


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Look for a 370 size brushless with a lower kv (maybe 900 to 1100) that will swing a 9 or 10 inch prop.
It will fly hotter than stock, but with a 3s lipo (around 1000 to 1300 mah) probably will get you some great flight times


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As it is a small plane 35" i would go for a little higher KV and smaller propeller to get more scale look 7" is the original propeller - i would aim for the same. KV range 1300-1500 on a motor with a wieght of 40-50 grams.
Ok I have the new cowl and tail assembly and am still pondering the power system. I can't get the stock battery from Tower anymore. Not that I would want the NiMh 7 cell anyway. I can get the stock, brushed, motor and motor mount for about $15 and use the stock ESC that I have with 2S Lipos. My only concern with that setup is no LVCO. The ESC is rated for 6-7 cell NiCd or NiMh so a 2S will put me right in that range voltage wise. I looked on HK and didn't see any stand alone LVCOs. I found warning buzzers but I am not sure I would hear that. So it seems like my choices are stock (easy to mount and cheap) motor and mount with no LVCO or go brushless motor and ESC and have to figure out a mounting system that will be centered on the firewall and will get the prop clear of the cowl. I found some brushless inrunners that should fit the factory motor mount with some minor mods but I think they would be overkill at 2000kv or more. Thoughts?


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I would use something like an Emax 2812. 1500kV will swing a 7x6 prop pulling 15A and very cheap. More power and less weight than a brushed 380. I find the drum mount easy to fix.
Some say they don't last but I have several, the oldest flown regularly for 5 years!

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That flyzone Cessna desperately needs the lightest setup you can get for it. The original setup drew around 7 amps, so a 1300kv blue wonder on an 850mah 3 cell would probably be your best bet. The original setup had plenty of power for it, but it glided like a brick. Go light and you should do fine.
Quorneng has a great setup too, but it could go a little fast.