Budget EPP Tech One Mythos - Super Simple Lightweight 3D plane AND CRASH PROOF?


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Put together my 1st kit in 2 years. (Been busy doing Lidl RC conversions and foamboard stuff.) Saw a mates YouTube test of this and it was great to fly and cheap. Couldn't resist buying one. £35 EPP 3D plane kit. Tech One Mythos. It'll give me a chance to try some 3D (maybe?) Instructions says it's crash proof, I somehow doubt it. Not much to do to assemble really, but it was obvious there was no way I'd keep the weight down and be able to use a small lipo if I'd followed the instructions. Made some good changes.
Anyhow, ready for maiden now, came out around 250 gms and it'll prop hang with the tiny BR1806 and an 800mA 3s, should be fun to fly! Maiden as soon as weather improves. When?