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Build and 2nd flight of my SUPER TRAINER 92"

I just did my maiden flight with my "trainer" yesterday and i could not be happier on how it fly's. It is a Ultimate Trainer by S2 Models back in the late 80's. It has a 92" wing span and is powered by a SK .80 motor. This video is the 2nd flight since the batteries died on the camera on the maiden flight. It can literally fly by itself in HUGE circles with my hands off the controller. Enjoy!

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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I love the sound of that engine where you hear every single combustion :D probably not every single one but it is still awesome.

Nice flying btw.
I love the sound of that engine where you hear every single combustion :D probably not every single one but it is still awesome.

Nice flying btw.
Awesome plane! how long did it take you to make it?
Thanks guys! It took about a month or so. Between work and getting time to build it, it was around 70 hrs or so total. I know the few times I had a day off, I spent 16+ hrs working on it non stop. Wish they still made these because I would buy another one in a heart beat. It was released in the late 80's so it is very hard to find anything about them. I could try to explain how great it fly's but it just wont do it justice. :)
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Well, got some bad news. About 2 weeks ago I went flying and had several great flights all day dropping Nerf bombs and Nerf Dart bombs with streamers attached, just having some good ol fun with my son until....... the very last flight of the day. I noticed it was getting windy very fast and I was only 15 min into my flight. The wind was at about 5-8 mph when I took off. After 10 min it was up to 10-13 mph. When I finally decided that I needed to land it was above 15 mph with even higher gusts of over 20. I was coning in on approach to the runway at about 25 Ft up and at about half throttle just to keep it moving forward, then all of a sudden the wind DIED to 0. Lost lift immediately and BAM! Strait down into the ground. I thought that even at half throttle it would be fine if the wind did die but I guess I was wrong. It took me a couple of weeks to sit down and actually look closely at the plane since the crash. When it happened I just put the plane in my workshop and didn't even look at it till today. Most of the damage was to one of the main wings. The fuselage has some damage but very easy to fix but the wing is what will take the most time. When i first picked up all the pieces from the soy bean field i thought the plane was a total loss. BUT it is rebuildable so it will fly again!

I just quoted your signature!
Yea but sometime I break stuff that even a rocket scientist can't fix. LOL But for the most part i can usually fix something.
It is and you should always stick to that!

I am very sorry for your loss as I know how it feels to crash a homebuilt plane! all that work just buff!
But keep up the work and rebuild it!
Thanks. So far I have the list of material I need so now I just need to see how much $$ it will be. :eek: The wing is what's gonna take a min to build since I have to cut all the ribs from scratch.

I am also gonna "tweak" the fuselage to incorporate some bomb bay doors (at least try too) hehehe lol