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Build weekend Made another big wing


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Crappy weather this weekend so i took the opportunity to make a couple more wings as i have been without a big wing for about 6 months and i miss setting myself up in a chair for long flights with a bigger battery. Its another no plan plane and i won't get to maiden it till next weekend (weather permitting) . But thought i would share a picture of it. My last bigwing flew good and was able to get long flight times out of it. This one seems to balance pretty good and has plenty of room for battery CG. Adjustment.
Fingers crossed she is as good as my last one.
will post maiden next week.


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@sumone - I was just watching your other thread flying your wing - very impressive - I am sure this one will rip too! I have a flat nose Versa to try out when the weather improves - any advice for the first time in the air with a wing?
I'm no expert but this is what seems to work for me when I maiden a new wing .

* Fair amount of expo (you can Dial it back if need be once you get a better feel for how it flys.)

* Reduce the travel of your servos ( No need to have massive throws to start of with. Again you can add more travel if needed after you get more comfortable with the wing. )

* Before my first throw i add a slight bit of up elevator (Reflex) to the elevons so there is less chance of it diving into the ground on launch.

* I Prefer a side launch ( Just my prefered method and leaves 1 hand already on the controls.) 3/4 throttle at about 30 Deg. Giving it a bit of air speed before it leaves my hand .

* once It leaves my hand i get ready to compensate for it to bank left or right . If it's only a slight roll i compensate with a little constant aileron stick movement to correct it / Gain altitude back the throttle off a bit and hit the trim switch in the opposite direction it wants to roll until I'm flying level.

If the roll is to extreme and its looks like it's going to be to much of a handful to trim in the air i compensate with some aileron stick in the opposite direction kill the throttle and try and glide it down safely and add some trim on the ground .
or if it requires heaps of trim i adjust the push rod (leaves me more to trim with in the air.)

*If you don't feel confident trimming while flying then best to try and land it and add some trim on the ground.
It can be difficult trying to correct with stick movements while trimming at the same time without taking your eyes of the plane.
A couple of years ago I used to fly with old ORX T6 transmitter and while trimming the elevator flicked the power switch by accident.:eek: You only make that mistake once.

* Same with the elevator (Get ready to catch it with a down elevator stick movement if it wants to descend rather than climb after leaving your hand).

* Getting your Center of gravity right can be a bit tricky with some wings . I try and make my wings with a bit of wiggle room for the battery so i can shift it forward or back to get it to balance right and I always start with it more nose heavy if I'm unsure.
If i find it descends to fast in a glide I shift the battery back a bit / If you find it really difficult to control and every stick movement seems to over correct it and its squirrelly in the air then your prob. tail heavy and need to shift the battery forward a little.
After a little experimenting you will soon find out where it needs to be.

* I Try and maiden a new wing design without an audience . (Except for mabey son .) Keeps me more calm and focused on what i need to do.
After i get it dialed in I have no problem flying in front of others (Early morning joggers often like to chat to me while I'm flying)

* video it.
When i first started flying (Only 3 years ago now) I found it a very valuable tool to look back and try and see what went wrong. If i couldn't work out how to correct it i would post the video in the forums and ask the community for help.

Flying wings are my Fav. So simple and fast to build .
I have my own design that is made from a single sheet of 5mm thick 500X1000mm foamboard and expansion foam from bunnings.
Very durable and light.

Good luck with the versa wing maiden.


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@sumone - thankyou so much for the reply - I will probably use my little i6s which has a momentary button on the back which I can use to add a little reflex on launch - regardless of what I fly I get some nerves beforehand followed by a rush of adrenaline!


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The Maiden went well. Got lucky with the Cg. first go .Plonked myself in a chair and Just did 20 min. of circuits .
Edited the video to just over 30 seconds as nothing really interesting happened (Nice relaxing flight though.)