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Building a future Skywalker X8

I found a vid by Ant0nSmith, who made a really awesome build of this plane, and I noticed he made up some really cool wood, or balsa wood trays for the internal bay of the plane. Also I haven't found really any good instruction manuals for it, it didnt come with one, and the "offical" pdf one I found is lacking quite a bit. He seems pretty inactive as the video in question is from Jan of 2016. I figured they would be a really neat idea to utilize in my build to keep things nice and tidy. Would anyone have any idea about his design or something similar? If not I could always draw something up similar in solidworks and laser cut it at my colleges engineering lab. I just figured it would save me some time. I also noticed a bunch of components I don't recognize in the build. Idk al what hes doing, but, it seems pretty neat. I left a vid timestamped to his battery and avionics tray design below. I'm deff gonna take my time on this build since I am pretty new to this side of RC hobbies, and I have my "test craft" to play with till I'm comfortable with flying and everything. IT was part of my engineering project, so I kinda went overboard as I do; I love projects. I was also wondering if anyone ever made like a clear nose cone for it, like the bottom half or something to put in like a rotating camera, kinda like on a predator drone. It's an idea I am playing with. anyway, thanks for any help you guys can give me. Ya'll been an awesome help with my other flying wing in the help thread I made about it and my brain fart moment. LOL!