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Building from 2D illustrations


Elite member
Welcome to the forums. Great illustrations. Depending on how accurately you want to duplicate your drawings in RC aircraft form, the basis for some of your aircraft are already available. The Pitt’s Special & Gee Bee Racer, for example. The Crop Duster is available as a build from Flite Test & you could adapt it to resemble your illustration. If you want more accurate depictions, it can be done using Dollar Tree Foam Board. Many forum members do their own designs, including animation based & internet game based designed. You’ll be interested in Flite Test Master Build Techniques to reproduce your illustrations. Good luck & please do post your builds on the forum.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Can't see the pics, but an easy way is toake some planform and side views, to build the plans from.

I used the little sketches in my fantasy builds for the ftfc19 fantasy builds. Search devil's dozen and aces spades or look as my build page.