Caddx Ant AIO?


Is anyone running the Caddx Ant AIO from the FT store?

I decided to dip my toes into the FPV world, starting cheap to see how I like it. I picked up some Eachine EV800D goggles, and I ordered 2 of the Ant AIOs from the FT store.

Any tips to get the best out of getting started here? Any rough estimates on what kind of range I can expect (basic open field, minimal potential interference).
My intent is mainly to put them on my existing planes for flying around the local club's field and get the hang of it, and let my son try it also.

Also, does anyone know of any existing 3D models out there for mounts suitable for the AIO version? I've looked around and not found anything specific. I'm thinking a "backpack" style that I can velcro to the top of the nose on most of my planes. My current plan is to design my own.


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I don't run AIO's any longer but I have had a few in my time in FPV.

2 things. They get super hot all bundled together specially when running over 100mw. Second, protect the antenna mount at all costs as that is the weak point on every one of them. Every one I had broke the antenna connection in crashes.

Which makes these hard to keep alive. You have to have em in open air to keep em cool but you cant put them in a place prone to crashing...


Good tips. I noticed that the vtx portion would get hot just during some basic testing in the house, and I also noticed there was no support for the antenna portion. I'll have to see if I can keep both points in consideration for any mount I design.


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One other thing I have found with the AIO cameras is they have an ultra wide view which makes them great for proximity flying, but very difficult to judge height/speed when flying in wide open spaces. I've owned dozens of them in various brands and forms. I stick to the ones with dipole antennas now. The cloverleaf antenna ones are just too fragile.