Camping at FF24?


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I noticed there aren't any on-site camping sites left for FF24, will there be off-site camping available or should I be looking for a hotel?


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I appreciate the thought but i'm six hours out from Edgewater, I wouldn't want to get out there without a spot to camp.


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I wonder if they are going to add more camping. Seems like last year they had camping on the other side of the runway, and I don't see any on the map this year.

Another option would be to share a spot with someone who already has one.


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Good Morning Everyone,

We actually have more camping than we set last year. We sold out within 2 weeks of going live.
I am working with the Health Department but if we get more sites. If we are granted any it will be a small amount. While the map looks like there room there really isn't much left. I am going to physically remeasure the entire site and talk with the health department to see if we have any more options.
Remember we still need day parking which we did not have enough of last year.
The event is growing and space is at a premium.

Edgewater will have camping but it will not be sold through the Flite Fest site. That is something that is being handled by Edgewater Air park directly.
If you hit the FAQ on it lists Pride valley campground just up lee road and also the hotels nearby.

Thanks everyone,