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can i place a 900mzh telemtry antenna near my 5.8ghz tx cloverleaf

Hi everyone

I'm building davids tricopter with apm 2.6 using the external gps with compas and the 900mzh telemetry all purchased at ready to fly quads. There is not a lot of room for mounting so can the 900mzh and 5.8 ghz antennas be near each other and can the skfry receiver be near the ublox gps without causing interference? Anyone have any pictures of a similar setup?

Thanks guys


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member

Since they're off frequency and *both* are transmitters, you can probably get away with it. There's a good 4 Ghz of separation and the harmonics are clear of each other, but weird things can happen in the near-field of an antenna.

If you made/bought a pair of cloverleafs with reversed circular polarization for the telemetry, I'd say absolutely -- a left/right circular polarization mismatch is an instant 30dB loss (1000 times quieter). That and your telemetry link should get a great boost in effective power from the cleaner antenna.