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Can someone recommend some decent 5g servos.


Elite member
I've build a Mini Scout with ailerons. I've used a single servo in the fuselage, which works but isn't ideal because I have the ailerons some distance from the fuselage, which means I can only use half of the servo range. 9g servos are too bulky to fit in the wings. I have various 5g ones, but they're all cheap and lack precision. I'm not looking for anything fantastic, but these cheap ones are very imprecise and sort of jumpy. I just want relatively smooth control.



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I use Emax ES9051's there pretty good. Advice: do not screw down the servo arm when the servo is energized. Flite Test use these quite frequently and has them in stock. Maybe you could stager your servos a bit more. You may even be able to find them with metal gears but the cost would increase. Other than this issue you looking pretty good. Happy flying..