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Changing an ESC

Hi all!

First post here, looking for a technical advice. Flew my Diatone Taycan into snow and seems like my ESC is malfunctioning (2 out of 4 motors doesnt spin up, sometimes none of them do). I'm planning on testing it with multimeter sometime later, but meanwhile I was wondering whether I should buy the very same ESC (and wait for the shipping) or should I be able to replace it with different ESC Like AIrbot Typhoon32 4in1 ESC 4x34A V2 or Aikon Race Dragon RD32 4-in-1 45A 6S ESC.

Thanks in advance


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I'm not a drone flyer, but I would have thought you could use any esc, and just make sure it's calibrated and programmed for what you need.


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Just make sure the AMP rating of the 4-in-1 you get is sufficient. You will be running DSHOT, so there's no calibrating to be done. If your existing ESC is a 32-bit one and supports telemetry AND it's turned on in betaflight then get one that also supports that of stuff like RPM filtering will not work.