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Charger problem?!?!

Hello FT-ers,

I have an problem with my B6-AC Genuine charger from HK. When my I storaged my batteries it says that the voltage is 11.80 volt, but when I balance them again the voltage starts at 11.86 volt. When I balance my lipos the chargers says that they are balanced on 12.40 volt. But when I storage it again without using the battery the voltage is 12.46..... I really dont know what the problem is and yes this happends to all my lipos that I use. I always have the lipos plugged in correct with the xt60 and the balance leads both connected to the charger. I only use the storage and the balance mode. It happends to my batteries from january this jear and to my batteries which I used about 10 times..... I really dont know what the problem is. I tried balancing/storaging at 0.5 and 1 amp but there was no difference. My questions:
1. Is this going to damage my batteries?
2. Is it possible to fix my charger?
3. What is the problem?

(I only have 3 cell lipos)


Edit: Today it balanced my turnigy 1500 mah 3 cell at 3.83 3.83 3.83. Thats what my charger said when I balanced it.
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