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Cheap copy IMAX B6 Charger and 5200mah lipos

I have a few cheap copy imax b6 chargers and have been using the to charge my 3s lipos .
Normally i use them to charge my 1300mah or 2200mah 3s batteries and they do a great job.
But my question is am i asking to much of this charger to charge a 5200mah 3s ?


Active member
I’ll add I’ve dine 4 3s 2200s without an issue... I didn’t realize that I should/could be setting it to pump 8.8 amps safely assuming it could go that high...

I got a real one recently with the ac charger built in... I’ll have to see how it really compares at some point
My copy knock off one came with an ac plug built in .
I've heard the copy ones are not properly calibrated .But you can bring up the hidden menu and do it yourself .
But i have been told you only get one shot at calibrating the balance voltages so you need to be careful .
I have not tried it myself though.