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Cheap props ....Any performance difference?


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I bought some cheap propellers on Amazon after breaking the 2 that came with my Power Pack C. I didn't want to wait for the week delivery from California. It is too bad Flite Test teamed up with a retailer all the way on the west coast instead of somewhere in the central US. It seems like they don't have the same "POP" that the HQ props had. Am I just crazy? Below are the propellers I bought.

RAYCorp 1045 (10x4.5) Propellers. 32 Pieces(16CW, 16CCW) Black & Red 10-inch Quadcopters & Mutlirotors Props + Battery Strap

Thanks for any help.


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Yes. Cheaper props will flex more. I’ve also had the edges of the HQ props chip...I finally went with APC props and have had much better performance out of them. They’re more expensive, sure, but spending a little more makes a difference! 😁


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I would agree with the above posters. I bought a couple of really cheap (<$.20 per) 6x4.5 props by just adding them to a completed cart in the store. I did see a noticeable drop in performance and had to firewall the throttle nearly the whole time. My local hobby store carries APC props for about $2.50 for a 7x5SF which requires about ~60% power to maintain straight and level on the same plane.


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In general, APC is going to be the best bang for your buck in terms of performance. Propeller choice has a HUGE effect on your efficiency and the feel of the airplane. Think of it like the tread on your shoes when you go hiking. You want a good pair of boots, not a set of flip-flops.