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Classic Ugly Stik CG

Hi everyone, I recently acquired an old Ugly Stik with an HB 40 on the nose, which was locked up, and nut much else. I put servos and radio stuff in it, and got the engine free, but it wouldn't start. So I put another HB 40 with the knowledge that it may be a turd, and it was. So I finally ended up doing exactly what I did with my .40 size Cub- put a 60 in it. And I just did a test run and it ran great. I even had a time trying to shut it off lol. But anyway, I was posting this thread because I'm not sure about the CG. I've seen forums saying it should be about 3.6 in from the LE, this model balances out at around 3 in. Is this okay? or should I take out some nose weight? And the engine is an OS Max 60 2 Stroke.