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Control Linkage Flexing

The control linkage for the elevator on my Simple Cub is flexing, and limiting the throw under load in the up direction. I am thinking about using a tube to prevent the flex. Any suggestions about what kind/type of tube to use? What about ID? How much of the length needs to be covered? Any information of this type will be appreciated.



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I don’t have experience with the cub, but with the Tiny Trainer and other model a small piece is good enough if located in the middle of the push rod. As for tubing I have use lollipop sticks, empty pen tubing really depends on the diameter of the push rod. Good luck.


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I needed to add tubes for both rear controls. If I were to make another, I would move the servos to the tail for simplicity. After I had added the tubes and secured them, the weight distribution would have been very similar.
Zip ties in my opinion are the easiest option. If you want less flex you can add as many as you want. If for some reason you no longer want then its easy to take a pair of pliers to them.


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Depending on the length and where you need to run them will somewhat determine what size of wire you need. If I need to snake a wire through and around a bunch of curves I will use .031 music wire with a full length flexible tube minus a few inches . Any small tubing will work, lighter the better, I buy rolls of airline tubing for automotive air shocks , light, flexible and pretty cheap. Every now and then you need to secure or mount that tubing to something so it doesn't flex. If it is a short straight line you could just slide on a piece of cf tubing, the smaller the better. You could shrink wrap a bbq skewer to your wire , or just go to a larger wire. The music wire is cheap, I buy numerous sizes and depending on what length I need to go will determine what size I use.