Convert .pdf to .DXF


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what are you guys using to convert pdf to dxf? I had a free program many years ago but seems it has disappeared. looking for free options if possible


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I've done DXF to PDF, but for the other way round I've always just referenced the PDF in autocad and traced over it.


Flite is good
Ok not Double CAD to convert. I use Double CAD once it is a DXF just to check it out before I make a cut file.


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I've found inkscape works well enough.

You might see after converting some of the more complex curves are made up of individual line segments (corded)...
I usually have to go back and tweak those, not sure if that's on the inkscape side, coming from the PDF or what.
(Guess I haven't gotten annoyed enough with it to bother yet.) ;)
What that can do is the laser will slow down in curves and you might get bad cuts. (just a heads up.)


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J'ai une solution à votre problème. C'est une question très courante que tout le monde se pose. Je connais un outil gratuit en ligne dans lequel vous pouvez fusionner pdf, ajouter plusieurs images et les convertir sous n'importe quelle forme. Il est très facile de convertir un pdf dans cet outil, essayez-le une fois. Merci... :)