Cox Powered Baby Baron


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Ha thanks man! You should pickup an old 049 and try this. I bought mine for 10 bucks and a quart of fuel is 8 bucks. The fuel tank is already on the engine and dear God I haven't been this excited about a foam plane in a while!!
Oh, I think I'll leave that excitement for you, and enjoy it vicariously through your video. That works just fine for me! :p


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I have to ask what are spads :D


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I thought he was going to build a WW1 biplane. Crud, I am old. That looks like a bat plane made from a dollar store baseball bat kit for preschoolers.

Lot of different definitions for spad :) , I saw a WW! bi plane when I searched :)


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This is just going to start something ugly I fear. We once had a 4 engine 049 powered control line bomber made out of a big 4ft walmart foam glider. Awesome if we could keep all 4 running longer than one circle around.