Crash Test Hobby Widowmaker: Indestructable.


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So this is a Kit I purchased from called the Widowmaker ($62 after shipping I think). It took me around a day to build, but only because it was my first time ironing laminate and I was taking my sweet time with it. I threw it out at the nearest park and it was pretty out of trim but after a few glides and tests I got it working nicely. By the time I brought it home 20 minutes later, it had taken no less than 8 solid dives into the earth. At the end of each crash, I simply tossed it back into the wind and kept flying. I LOVE this uncrushable foam, it made the plane just kept flying no matter what.

Included below are a few pictures of the build process, and also one directly after a crash (note how luckily I hit the mountain; a foot up or down would have sent it into a cactus)

If you have any questions let me know :)


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An update on the Widowmaker!!! After a few more flights I have FINALLY dialed in this wing! There were just a few key adjustments I needed to make, but now I no longer have to put forth constant effort just to keep it in the air. I moved CG forward by shifting the esc over a couple inches and moving the receiver forward and securing it with a Velcro strap. I also shifted my control horn connections slightly towards the servo arm in order to add more inherent up elevator trim. Between those two things I turned a poorly flying, unstable wing into an absolute cruising machine. At 1/2 throttle it tracks like an arrow at level flight, and at full throttle it tracks straight with a ~3 degree upwards incline. It's a joy to fly, and I would recommend it (after tuning) to anyone who wants a fun and challenging wing to play with. I put the smallest recommended motor on it with a tiny 10A ESC, and it whips around like a beast. I'd estimate around 40 mph+ if google maps is correct about the size of my flying field.


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I have one of the Crash test wings and it flies great but tip stalls very badly when making turns at a slower speed.


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I moved CG forward.
Flying wings are very sensitive to CG. My Versa is a joy to fly with the CG @ 30% but if you try 31%, it turns into a flying squirrel. I also had my battery ALL the way to the front to get my CG correct. I moved the motor forward, like they did with the FT Arrow. Just cut out enough space for the prop. Now I can put the battery back a bit, in a far safer place.


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scythe, grim reaper xl, gladiator, pinata, storm chaser....they are all great planes. I have gone full blast into concrete with my scythe and picked it up and kept flying.