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Custom V-Tail Mix for KK2.0


Junior Member
I've built a V-Tail quad and I was considering playing around with the mixer editor a little bit. The default V-Tail has 100% of the yaw control coming from the back two motors (similar to a tri), whereas an ordinary quad uses all 4 motors to yaw by changing motor pair speeds.

So, I was thinking about adding some yaw control to motor 1 and 2 (the front two) just to see how it changes the flight. Has anyone tried anything like this? I'm running counter rotating props on the front in addition to the back so in theory, I think it should work....

Pairing opposite motors on a traditional quad and using the motor's torque to induce yaw works because they're on the same plane. On a V-tail, the front and back motors are spinning on different planes. Pairing opposite corner motors for yaw will result in one of the front corners causing lift tilting the entire rig while the rear motor pushes the rig around in the direction of yaw.


Gremlin on the Wing
I have been using torque steering on my front motors for a while now, I highly recommend it.

In the process of testing different V angles, I found that the optimal angles induced a bit of dip in the front arms with sudden yaw input. So I mixed in torque steer, and it smoothed everything out nicely. Works great!


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Heli-Yeah!: Are you using the KK2? If so, what does your mix table look like (if it's not too big of a pain). I added some torque steer in as per my initial thinking and it actually does work rather nicely, though I haven't mixed in too much yaw input for the front two motors. I'm sitting at +/-15 for ch1 and ch2.