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Damaged balance leads


Propaganda machine
My new EcoSIX arrived from HK yesterday. I promptly charged my tx lipo and then started working my way through my collection. I wasn't overly surprised when my oldest battery wouldn't charge properly - it has visible damage on the balance lead. I was surprised when one of my others had a worse issue, with no visible damage. Is there a way to fix/replace/resolder balance leads?

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Yes. Solder very carefully!
So, where are they damaged.

If the balance wires have completely detached from the battery, this is the hardest repair. You can resolder them VERY carefully to the tab on top of the lipo but the pools of solder are very large and hard to get a good solder joint without a very hot gun (or iron).

If the wires are broken somewhere between the batt and the connector you can just cut and splice, your balance lead will be a little shorter but will work again.

If the connector itself is damaged. You can just splice a new one onto the end, carefully soldering each wire.

I keep several old balance taps around cut off from discarded batteries for this very purpose.
I also have several balance extensions that I keep on hand. I use one side of the connector to hook up LEDs for night flying and save the other one to use for spare balance taps.

Just remember, work very slowly and deliberately. One little mistake and you are going to see a LOT of sparks.
I repaired several LIPOS where wirew got damaged (I wish the wires were of a softer quality)

I cut open the tape in the end very carefully (do not short circuit or you see sparks from your scissors)

open up enough to solder wires in place - wrap it up with lots of tape when done



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I think the balance lead connectors are WAY to tight, I mean, I plugged one into my charger, and had to use tweezers to get it out...


Propaganda machine
Odd, I can't figure out what's wrong with the balance leads of my 1600 batteries... They're both not working. Luckily I've got a non-balance charger. Frustrating.