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David's tricopter whitespy-restrict quads set up. I'm new to multirotorsns

So I’m planning a build of a v3 tricopter.
I have never flown a proper multirotor. Only micro-toy kinds. I couldn’t even tell you which one as it was borrowed.
I am a much better builder than pilot and I expect repairs. So I may save the carbon booms for later and cut myself some spruce arms.
I’m basing my tastes on reviews I’ve seen. So I have (on those arbitrary basis) decided I want to buy from whitespyquads.com
i believe they are also known as ready to fly quads
I am going to list my current build list but I figured I would give y’all a chance to make recomendations without simply saying that will or won’t work.
Motors: http://witespyquad.gostorego.com/motors/brushless-outrunner-hacker-style-20-28m.html


Flight Controller:


I own a spectrum dx5 and a five channel receiver. Should I upgrade?
I own turnigy 3s 2200.
I could make a pair in parallel?
Or is four cell a much better choice?


are those always out of stock?
I’ve been considering


and all the mounting issues it might bring.
Anyone know a good source for the bluebird servos?


propulsion impromptu
i have no suggestion to offer other than to stick with proper power wires.
if color is of a preference, you could consider black silicone wire covered with blue braided sleeve.
also make sure the AWG size picked is adequate for the 20A.
The audio industry has high standards for wire.
What is proper wire?
14 awg is as larger than the standard wire on all the motors of this size.
I will use 12 awg between the battery and the motors.
I don't know anything about the turnigy silicone wire on hobby king. If you are talking about something else ill have a look.
I've worked in the audio industry and I like what I used there.
I appreciate the advice, but the wire is good stuff.
on rcexplorer the only advise I got was against the props
which I admittedly know less about.
I figured the last post was just a goof.
or at least a bit less significant that the second.
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