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Dehavilland DH-88 Comet Build and Review


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Build the Tail

1) Cut out the tails fins. Laminate cardboard on both sides of the vertical tail. Use medium foam safe zap. This is to try to minimise the damage to the vertical tail of nose overs.
2) Test fit the tail together on the fuse, adjust the horizontal to be inline with the wings and the vertical to 90 degrees to the horizontal. When you are satisfied with the alignment, glue in place with hot glue.


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Engine Nacelles

1) Test fit the engine nacelles on the wings, the longest side of the nacelle from the wing to the bottom is the side closest to the tip. The sides of the nacelle should drop down vertically from the wing. Pull the wires up into the center of the nacelle.

2) Once you are happy with the fit, look closely at the alignment make sure the two nacelles are parallel with the fuse and with each other, mark a line on the underside of the wing. Make sure the nacelles are up against the wing.
3) Glue the nacelles place, try not to get any glue in the retract mounting holes.

4) Test fit the retract mounts, inside mount closest to the fuse, outside closest to the wing tip. Mark out the paper and foam that has to be removed. Cut the paper and dig out the foam on both side, Bottom the retract mounts on the wood spar. Mount is too tight between the spars, remove a little material on the mount with sand paper until it fits nice an snug.

5) Once you are happy with the retract mount fit on both sides, mark the insides of the mounts this is where the paint stick or hard wood will be epoxyed in place. This is where the retract screws will go.
Here is a picture of a finished retract mount.


6) Cut and epoxy the paint sticks/hardwood blocks in place as per the plans.

7) Put the Retract mount back in place, take your retract and place it upside down on the mounting point, check to see that it is as vertical as possible. If it high on one side, sand that mount until the retract is vertical. Remember this just has to be close like horseshoes or hand grenades.

8) Once you are happy with the fit and the retracts are vertical use PL premium or epoxy to glue the retract in place making sure you get lots of glue in the retract mounting hole and between the retract and the foam board. Put a piece of foam board between the retract mounts so they stay vertical while drying.

9) Cout out the center of the first floor of your nacells this is where the ESC will go.

10) Cut the wires and add male servo ends and female 3.5mm bullet connectors to the 16Ga wire ends.
11) Remove as much foam board as need to mount the ESC in position. Connect the gear and throttle servo wires.

12) Mount the motor and cut a slot in the plywood to allow the wires to connect to the ESC.

13) Build the engine covers and hold them in place with bamboo skewers and small pieces of fuels line.

Stay tuned for .....
Bending Landing Gear.
Bulkheads and Top Sheet.
Bottom Sheet.
Wing servo installation.

Install your tail servos as you see fit.
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