Detrum ESC confusion


I have two Detrum 25 amp ESCs. One has a product code of “5-12 NC/2-4 LIXX”. The other has the code “5-18 NC/2-6 LIXX”. What do these codes indicate?

Also, when I look at other Detrum ESCs with the 5-18 NC/2-6 LIXX code they are all 40 or 60 amp models. Could my 25 amp ESC be mislabeled and really be for a higher amperage?


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Those aren't product codes. And doubt you would confuse a 25A for a 50A. The 50A is 2x the thickness.

5-18NC is "5 to 18 NiCD battery cells" (~23V max)
2-6 LIXX is "2 to 6 LiPO or LiFE Cells" (~22V max)