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I have built an Octo-Copter using a DJI NAZA M V2 with GPS module. I have it dialed in just beautiful and for the most part, it gives good stable flight with the gain settings I have chosen so far.

What I need help with is this:

If I have it in a hover with GPS lock holding it in position and I give it rudder to the left or right, when it first starts its spin, it gives a quick dip and wobble letting you think it is going to lose control but then it will flatten out and give you a nice flat spin. I want to lessen or remove that wobble if possible.

Please, what gain adjustment should I be looking at? Please can you take some time and give me some feed back.



I would say your vertical gain needs to be adjusted. I am curious though, if you are not in GPS lock mode and turn one way or other does the same thing happen... If it does there is something wrong with your gains, if it doesn't I would reflash firmware and do a basic and advanced calibration for the unit.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for reply.

I did not think to try in atti. Too late today will try it tomorrow and post what I find. Thanks again!


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I would look at increasing your gains.

I did have something similar happen with a hex copter and in that case it was a bad motor. The motor didn't have quite as much thrust as the other motors so when you turned right or left that motor would dip causing an oscillation. I swapped the motor with one from another arm and the problem followed the motor...

I would start by looking at the gains first though...

best of luck!