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DLG wing?


lumpy member
all these slope soaring wings going around, and people launching motored wings from wing tip got me thinking, what about a DLG wing? It may need to have huge winglets to cope with the launch, or maybe even a rudder type mid wing stabilizer, but what do you guys think? would it work?


creator of virtual planes
Well... it would work as in you can Discus Launch it. But would it be a good glider? No. You won't be able to see the tail move up when you're gaining lift. Is that important? I have no idea. I've never really flown gliders. I'm trying to build a foam board DLG, but frankly I have no idea on how to properly fly it. I'm cheap, I need the plane before I can learn how to use it.

But for something that can be thrown into the air and have fun with, it should work. Fuselages can be a lot of weight and you'd be saving a lot. Well, not a lot. But every gram counts.

I don't know if you read my BSR Wing and Test Planes articles, but one of my test planes I tried to launch as a DLG and I think those wings can easily take the abuse. However I broke off the nose instantly because it was already damaged, like, really damaged. Plus I still had the motor on the nose.

You could make some BSR Wings and maybe forward or backward sweep them. Be sure to use wire flags as spars. If you want dihedral, just bend the wire in the middle. I don't know if you can add a peg to the wings. I've had problems of the peg being ripped out. I think a big "rudder" in the middle is the best bet.

I still don't think it'll be a "DLG" because it won't be the best glider. I just think you'll lose too much lift using the ailerons as elevator. It should make a good hand launch glider and still be fun though.