Does anyone know about this Futaba radio system?

Hi everyone, I recently purchased an old rc nitro plane for a great price at a garage sail and was wondering how reliable its radio system is (receiver and transmitter). I was wondering if it uses old technology that is not as advanced as stuff like spread spectrum technology and the new futaba systems technology. These new technologies have a system that results in almost no interference almost all of the time. I personally know this for a fact because I use Spektrum dsmx radiosystems in my new planes. Anyway, Im trying to decide if I should keep this old radio system for this old plane or sell the radio system. If I sell it, how much will it sell for? The specifications and pictures of the old radio system is below. Thanks

Transmitter: Futaba Attack-4, FP-T4NBL, AM72, 72.03mhz
Receiver: Futaba FP-R114H 4 Channel Receiver 20150814_200103.jpg 20150814_200633.jpg


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Yes it uses "old" technology.

It's 72Mhz AM which while still useable but has been essentially obsolete for 5 years. Some people still use 72mhz for long range but the basic problem with that band is that there is not much space and there is no Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum going on to allow sharing. You have to pick a channel others are not using. Also feature wise that is a pretty basic radio by today's standards.

You can probably get it to work just for fun but I wouldn't use it on anything large, expensive or dangerous. This kind of radio is why flying fields have all those rules. They had to so people didn't knock each other out of the sky.

It looks in quite nice condition but I'm not sure you would get much for it. There probably are a few collectors of such things but no one sensible is likely to want to use it for real. Flying a foamy with it just to see what it's like might be fun though.