Don't just adjust pids.


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Random experience that I'm sure all quad guys have gone through, but I thought I'd post it.

My first quad build was the FT gremlin sidewinder edition. I was a noob and flipped the flight controller and ESC 90 degrees to the left. You can correct this digitally in betaflight, which I did. However, the ESC was not corrected and I still tried to fly it. It did the classic flip out and crashed into the grass. I tried to correct this by lowering the P gain to 5, which was totally ludicrous. I tried holding the drone in my hands while I armed the little guy and even when the P was down at 5 it flipped out of my hands again!

After picking up my frustrating quad I looked at my fingers and saw that they had been torn up pretty bad. It took a good size chunk of skin out of my index finger and slashed at the rest of my digits. Luckily no stitches or anything, and it healed nicely. I'm definitely going to be careful now that I'm attempting a 5 inch, with huge amounts of power.


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You are lucky just your fingers got nipped. you coulda been this guy.

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Quads aint no joke no matter what size if they are set up or built wrong. I too have done the same thing trying to switch the fc rotation. My issue is I put mine back to the right direction and forgot to change the setting back in beta flight. Its best if this is your first or second build to do it all the stock way and learn a bit more about building and the inherent issues that come with it.

I documented a build I did start to finish if you want to watch and or follow that to get an idea of what you need to do in order for a build. If not thats fine just DO be sure to make yourself a smoke stopped BEFORE you power your system up. It can save you MUCH hassle and money if you did something wrong when building the quad.

If you have any questions ask in here as many will help you out. Dont bother to post or sub that channel as its dormant and locked out.